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peeper2A Peeper in My Pocket makes learning the ABC's a lot more fun while broadening a child's vocabulary. No longer is "A" just for Apple or "B" just for Ball when your child follows along this lyrical journey through sights, sounds and colors.
say2Join the Peepers in I Say...You Say... as they explore the wacky world of opposites filled with whimsical visual vocabulary, creative concepts, and those perpetually perky Peepers.
meet2This award-winning book in the We The Peeper series brings the wonderful world of art appreciation for children into their very own hands. From daVinci to Degas, Rodin to Renoir, Cassat to's never too late (or early!) to appreciate great art. Join the Peepers on another journey as they introduce and explore 14 iconic works of art. Take a peep inside and Meet Me at the Masterpiece!
bubbleThe Peepers are at it again - taking you on another zany journey - this time though the wacky "what-if" world of shapes. "What if stop signs were triangles... Would you know just when to stop? And if bubbles all were cubes... Would they still go 'pop, pop, pop'?" The delightful picture book Bubblecubes is the fourth in the We The Peepers series.
passportsPack your bag, grab your passport, and prepare yourself for a Peeperific adventure through Passports and Postcards! Travel with the Peepers to six continents, 14 countries, and 17 magnificent landmarks!

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